We believe both art and technology play crucial roles in providing the most effective simulation experience attainable, whether for training pilots or for entertaining guests. The right mixture of audiovisual artistry and technical wizardry leads to a hyper-real experience — magic!


ASM has a number of core capabilities based upon over 20 years' experience in the simulation industry. Highlights include:

  • Virtual and constructive simulation
  • Vehicle modeling
  • Handheld device applications
  • Embedded systems
  • Proposal authoring and review

Please download our capabilities sheet to see all we have to offer.

Research Interests

Our primary interests in expanding simulation technology center around personalized, immersive experiences. Such experiences can be created in one of two ways: augmenting a user's reality, or inventing a new reality for that user.

Augmenting reality involves the use of advanced mobile computing technologies to provide an "overlay" of additional information / stimuli atop a user's perception of the world around her. ASM's research interests in this area currently focus on exploring the limits of mobile devices for training and simulation, particularly in location- or environment-based content generation.

Inventing reality goes beyond traditional simulation, training, gaming, and attraction experiences. The intent is to provide the cues and detail necessary to reduce the average user's "barrier to belief" to a low enough level to allow her to be fully immersed in the new reality. Such an immersive experience does not require real-world detail in all aspects of the simulation — only in selected aspects, such that the "man behind the curtain" is completely ignored. ASM's research in this area revolves around the appropriate and economical selection of the proper stimuli to trigger immersion, as well as the application of these stimuli to practical training and popular entertainment areas.

We welcome collaboration in either of these areas of research. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you share these interests.

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